Misty Locket

Locket Tattoo

Misty Locket has been tattooing in the Phoenix area for 18 years specializing in black & gray/color realism, surrealism, portraiture, nature, and coverups. Misty looks at the craft of tattooing as so much more than a permanent piece of art on one’s body. It’s a spiritual and energy exchange that the client will have forever along with the memory of the entire journey attached to it.

Because of the very personal exchange of energy and ideas between the tattooer and client, it’s of the utmost importance that care and attention is taken for the preparation, placement, and conversation around the tattoo design. It is very important that the tattoo design is structurally sound so that it looks good in the future and last as it ages. Having solid and honest conversations around the foundation of the tattoo is what makes for a strong and long lasting design.

There is so much joy in making art all day on bodies. Every tattoo piece becomes a passion project for me.

Color tattoo ink


A great looking tattoo created with color can really make a statement. Check out my portfolio of color tattoos.

Black tattoo ink

Black & Grey

I love creating innovative Black & Grey tattoos. My goal is to create exactly what you want. Check out my portfolio of black & grey tattoos.

Hand with paint brushes


As an artist, I love to paint portraits. Check out my portfolio of portrait work. I am always inspired to create art.

Up For Grabs tattoo designs

Tattoo Designs Up For Grabs

I’m passionate about all these tattoo designs!   There are special designs that didn’t get tattooed or that were drawn out of pure inspiration and awaiting to be grabbed up and tattooed.  To get one of these lovely’s tattooed on you, contact me with the name and/or screenshot of the design listed.  Once booked, the design will be finalized to fit the body part.  These images are especially exciting for me to tattoo!

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